Customise your case with a total of nine different coloured cases and catches


Our standard range of two different colour cases and nine different colour catches gives you the immediate flexibility to enhance and identify your products and contents.
In addition each case has four different positions for you to insert identity labels.
OR - why not enhance your Brand with Domed Polyurethane Labels for your systainer® catch.

We do not limit our field of work to just the sale of systainer® products, as in addition we offer a complete service around the systainer® product line.

We will work together with you to find a suitable solution for your individual needs, and make you a competitive offer. We will also support you with your marketing activities to suit your specific needs.

Planning and Prototypes
According to your needs, we will plan and design the adequate foam interior for your systainer® and will construct a sample for your approval.

Besides the two basic colours (light grey and anthracite) you have a choice of seven other optional colours. Furthermore, due to nine different colours of the catch, you can create your individual systainer®.

There is a slight lead time on optional colour cases. Please contact us for details.

Kindly contact us with your requirements for a competitive quote.